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Writer's Block: Me 10 Years Ago  
11:34am 20/09/2010
Kasa Moon
How would your best friend have described you ten years ago? What about today?

Kay, this is too perfect as I have known my best friend for 10 years now.

We met in 7th grade and had math and social studies together. maybe a couple other classes that I don't remember. We started talking because I was a huge geek back then and was totally into Sailor Moon, and she was a huge geek and had a cute pic of Luna on the front of her binder. She ended up right behind me in math after one of our seat switches, and I saw the pic on her binder, and the rest is history.

Soon, we changed seats in social studies, and ended up sitting next to eachother. This is also the year of the epic Nisqually earthquake. It happened in SS, and we had a sub that day. It was hilarious, cause the first thing the sub did was cower under the front desk, all us students looking around clueless. I don't think we got under our desks till it was almost over.

Though, to get back to the question, I'm sure that I'd get mostly the same description: Nerd. I was a lot more spaztic and hyper back then, but I'm still just as much of a huge nerd. I mean, I staff anime cons... yeah... I just have a more focused application of my spaztic-hyperness now. ^.~

Though, if your wondering, she's just as big a nerd as me, she's just moved onto video games.
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