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It's driving crazy!  
12:07am 08/12/2008
Kasa Moon
So, I have my new comp, and while I love it and it's awesome in soo many ways, but it's lacking strongly in the having-of-stuff-on-it department. The thing that's getting to me the most is that I don't have, like, ANY of my music. The situation was exacerbated today when I was looking at the Twilight playlists Stephanie Meyer has up on her website -- yeah, I know, shuddup-- and there were soooo many tracks on there that were on the comp that died that I want to listen to NAO!!!!!! It's seriously driving me crazy. I rely on music ALOT! It helps me work through mental and emotional hiccups, and generally makes me a happier, nicer person! I wanna listen to some Linkin Park and The Killers REAAAALLLY REEEEEEAAAAALLLLLLLYY BAAADDLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *insert frustrated suppressed scream here* Right now the only desperate, depressing, and mad music I have is Evanescence. I want Linkin Park, and Queen, and The Fray, and Death Cab, and Coldplay, and Billy Idol, and... and..... Well, I had 5 gigs of music on the former computer, and now I have 7 albums. ONLY SEVEN!!! *dies* And, three of them, I don't really listen to...

Needless to say, I'm frustrated, and bits and pieces of all the songs I want to listen are stringing their way through my brain, thus the icon. I think I really need to look into going to the comp repair place and seeing if I can get them to get my stuff off the former comp. I even have a new 250 gig external harddrive for it to go on! ((there was probably only about 30 gigs on the comnp, if that, but I want to keep big pic files and such on there))

I just want my fix, man! DX
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Listening to: nothing I want to listen to...
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(no subject)
04:15pm 08/12/2008 (UTC)
Logan Pendan
What was wrong with the old one, hon? Was it the HD that crapped out, or the motherboard? If the old HD is fine, you can just plug it in and get everything you need off it.
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(no subject)
01:41am 09/12/2008 (UTC)
Kasa Moon
the screen's broken. I don't have anyway to set it up to be hooked up to a monitor. it's really a bummer, too, but we were getting a new comp anyway.
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