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08:47pm 21/12/2008
Kasa Moon
so, I've been here since last monday, and while it's still sunday in Seattle, it's monday morning here. It's really nice, weather-wise. It's nice and sunny, somewhere in the 70s. I'm having a good time, and have acquired four saris. Two my mom bought for me and are being made. I bought one, and it needs to get made-up, and the last I picked out, but my mom bought for me for christmas. They're all really pretty. One, that my mom bought before I got here, is kinda meh, but the rest are really awesome. I'm hoping to use two of them for an Inara CosPlay.

I'll write more tonight, I swear. I just am getting told to get dressed in annoyed tones by my mother. ugh.

Feeling Like: amusedamused
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