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07:44am 11/12/2008
Kasa Moon
Dude, it's cold... I mean, not as cold as the other night when I was lying in bed watching DVDs, and I could freakin' SEE MY BREATH!!! In my house, it was cold enough to see my breath... ;.; I hate it. My mom doesn't let me turn the heat on, 'cause it's been acting funky. And, yeah, she's not here, so what she doesn't know, right??? Well, she pays the bills, so I'm sure she'd notice, and it also smells like burning alittle when it's on, and I'm a pretty heavy sleeper when I get to sleep, and I REALLY dont wanna die... Plus, all my stuff's here, and I rather it not burn.

Anyway, it's freakin almost 8 in the mournin, and I wish I was still sleepin'! Seriously, I didn't go to sleep till about 1:30 last night... I know, I knew I was gonna haveta get up early so my aunt would give me a ride home. ((which she only would do basically if she was going to work, thus being up)) I would've slept till 10 or noon~ish like I normally do, instead of freakin 5:30 AM!!! *ugh!*

Now I'm going to go watch Popular. It's this old show they had on the WB when I was in middle school that I liked alot. I almost wanna see if this show has a fandom... But, it'd probably be sooo dead................ and it's no fun joining dead fandoms, even if all the craptastic writers and artists have left, and only the good and devout remain. I really wish that there was a Nightrunner fandom.... ;A; I mean, having read why she's against fanfic, and the circumstances and such, doesn't make my longing any less than burning. I know, she loves fanart, and posts every piece she gets on her website. It's just, well, I've been trying, kinda, and I've only gotten a few abortive attempts. I don't know why, but it's hard for me to draw something that didn't originate from my brain without it having a picture reference. D= I'm hoping that I can atleast get a sexy picture of Beka out, 'cause I'm friskin' in love with her!!!! She's hot and kickass!!!!1!!!! XD

AND on the subject of christmas, I really don't know what to do. Well, I know what I'm getting for my Uncle, Aunt, and cousins, but I have nothing for the people that paid for me to go to India. Well, I was gonna get my mom this nice-but-sorta-plain ruby ring that they have at the Jeweler at work, but now I dunno, 'cause I kinda wanna be selfish and get a couple commissions and/or art-type things for myself. I'm horrible. I just got an art CD from Blotch, which was $25, but I have the first in the series, and I couldn't let the opportunity pass me by. That, and I had money in my paypal account, so I didn't use out-of-pocket. AND, between friday and monday, I spent $116 and change. I mean, I did get Seattle's Best all four days, and had to buy more food than normal. Plus, I bought markers, a DVD, and went to Half-Price Books, but, I know. I have a bad habit on spending money stupidly and impulsively. BUT! But, i have been good and haven't bought any manga or anime since, like, september. ((except some $1 clearance manga @ Half-Price, which doesn't really count))

I just think that I should wait until I get back to get my mom a nice piece of jewelry. It's probably better, anyway. I'd be taking a chance that I'd fucking loose it. 'Cause trust that I buy my mom something nice, for once, and I fucking loose it. I seriously can see that happening. So, I'm going to wait. I'm going to email someone about a commission, 'cause it's for a good reason, and I'm gonna call my friend to see if she wants me to come and get an application. Yes, I still have a job, but they want me to work for them, and the pay is better. [=

Also, I leave for India on saturday, wish me luck.
Feeling Like: *shiver**shiver*
Listening to: Random song by Journey ((yeah, seriously))
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